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Wazobia is a popular West African expression that means “Come” in three different languages: Yoruba, Hausa and Igbo.

‘Wazobia’ represents a connection with the homeland, and serves as a reminder of our shared heritage and responsibility to look out for each other. Just as our name suggests, the Wazobia African Kitchen is guided by one core value: out-of-this-world African hospitality.

Wazobia African Kitchen serves classic and fresh meals that combine the best of traditional Nigerian recipes with fresh, locally sourced ingredients and authentic African ingredients imported directly from communities in West Africa. We serve exciting, recognizable Nigerian favorites and guarantee timely service, typically less than 5 minutes from the time our front counter cashier takes your order!

Launched in 2015, Wazobia African Kitchen was founded to change the dining experience in African cuisine.  Over the years, we have steadily built a reputation as a restaurant where you can enjoy delicious food that gives you a taste of Africa.  Today, we are celebrated as one of the premier Nigerian restaurants in Houston. 

We are laser focused on prioritizing a memorable experience for all our customers, and which is one of our key differentiator.. Our customer centric brand ensures that we continually strive for perfection and spare nothing in our quest to deliver premium quality products and service, and ultimately make everyone happy and satisfied.

‘Wazobia’ represents a connection with the homeland, and serves as a reminder of our shared heritage and responsibility to look out for each other. Just as our name suggests, the Wazobia African Kitchen is guided by one core value: out-of-this-world African hospitality.

We would be the first to admit that actually being in Africa is the very best way to experience the culture and essence of African food… but you have to admit that Houston is much closer! We meticulously develop dishes that are flavorful and wholesome, and taste just like the authentic African meals. It is the nearest you can get to Nigeria without getting on a plane!

It’s not just food. It’s a taste of Nigeria on a plate!

Our Goal:

  • To provide quick, high-quality authentic African meals in as many African neighborhoods as possible.
  • To invest in people and work tirelessly to lift black communities up.

Our Philosophy:

Our brand is premised on the desire to make a difference in the lives of the people we come in contact with.  Our employees are tasked with the same question each morning: “If you meet someone today, how will your life make theirs better?” This philosophy has become our guiding principle, ensuring that meals are always made with love and cashiers meets customers with a smile. We are not only inviting you to eat, we are inviting you to become a part of our family.

Discover Wazobia African Kitchen’s Journey

Wazobia African kitchen was founded out of the passion to provide world-class African cuisine paired with speedy service delivery, a seamless dining experience and premium customer satisfaction, whilst providing opportunities for members of black communities to grow and better themselves. Our journey has had its fair share of difficulties and challenges, but we recognized early on that our end goal was more important than the struggles on the way. Our approach to every difficulty was to go to our corner and pray like there’s no yesterday and then go to work like there’s no tomorrow. It has reaped rewards beyond our wildest dreams! Today, our small kitchen has evolved into a large restaurant that caters to thousands and is branching out to multiple locations.

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Launched and Introduced Free Breakfast for All

We officially launched on Feb 2015, introducing free breakfast for everyone.


The Fun Fair Gives Back

We held our first Fun Fair for customers at the restaurant, giving members of the community a chance to have fun, enjoy free, delicious African meals all day and win coveted prizes including cash awards, gift vouchers and more!


Business Booms and Harvey Response

We increased 100% in volume and began to import ingredients directly from local communities in Africa. Our Fun fair moves to a Park for the first time. Hurricane Harvey makes landfall in Texas, and we were one of the first on the scene to support the relief efforts in Houston by providing free food packages to survivors in affected areas.


Big Moves

We were contracted to service thousands of attendees at the RCCG Houston Stadium Convention held at the University of Houston. The restaurant got renovated. We signed a deal for a new branch and began construction.


Houston takes note!

The Mayor of Houston, Sylvester Turner, officially opened our second outlet, gave us an award recognition for our service to the community and made a Wazobia Market Day Proclamation.


Covid-19 shuts the city down

Coronavirus pandemic creates logistical and cash flow challenges. Product shortage leads to price hikes all over the country. We refused to increase our prices as a show of support to the people who are vulnerable in the community.


Deep Freeze and Website Launch

Houston and surrounding areas experienced an extreme weather with freezing conditions, causing disruptions and water shortage. We kept our doors open to feed as many people as possible. We re-launched a new responsive and dynamic online website as part of our digital transformation journey.

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