Vegetable Soup (Yoruba-Efo-Riro)


Vegetable Soup – Yoruba style (One side per meal)

Extra Meat

Extra Sides


About the food:

  • Made with spinach leaves,blended scotch bonnets, bell pepper, onions and locust beans.
  • To be eaten with solid staples like pounded yam, amala, eba, fufu of all types.
  • Comes with 3 assorted meats
  • This is a classic Yoruba dish.


Additional information

Meat Option

One Goat, Shaki, Cowleg, Beef, Shaki, Tendon, Beef, Two Fried Chicken, Two Fried Tilapia

Side Option

Amala, Garri/Eba, Moin-Moin, Oat Fufu, Plantain (4), Pounded Yam, Wheat, White Rice


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